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Ignorance isn’t bliss! by Anna
March 1, 2012, 3:36 pm
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Some of us working in aid are brand new to the country or community we are trying to serve. Some of us have grown up here our whole lives, but are new to the organization we work for or the donor who is funding our project. Some of us focus too much on what to report and not what is actually happening. Some of us lean towards routine and fear taking the risks to break the mold. Some of us don’t know how to find the funding for a brilliant idea. We are all missing pieces of the puzzle to crack the poverty nut. It’s hard. But even worse, our knowledge gaps and poor planning can damage communities we are trying to assist. Some aid projects are just bad ideas: misplaced, poorly planned, unscrupulous, even manipulative. Here are seven of the worst as identified by the Matador network – an “independent media network and nexus of travel culture worldwide”.