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There are no technology shortcuts to education by Nick
January 6, 2011, 11:37 am
Filed under: Articles, Development theory, If you only have 15 mins, Technology

Kentaro Toyama posted an interesting article on Educational Technology Debate in which he argues that technology is literally the last thing schools who have limited resources or are under-performing need. That is to say, it’s not bad, but it should be the last investment they make, not the first.

He makes four primary arguments:
1. The history of electronic technologies in schools is fraught with failures.

2. Computers are no exception, and rigorous studies show that it is incredibly difficult to have positive educational impact with computers. Technology at best only amplifies the pedagogical capacity of educational systems; it can make good schools better, but it makes bad schools worse.

3. Technology has a huge opportunity cost in the form of more effective non-technology interventions.

4. Many good school systems excel without much technology.

But you should read it yourself here.


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