If you only read one thing this week…

by ifyouonlyreadonethingthisweek

As part of a larger article on philanthro-capitalism Galés Gabirondo of Global Policy Forum reviews Michael Edwards new book “Just Another Emperor” (you can buy the book, or download it for free here).

It’s a fascinating read – here is Galés’ summary “philanthro-capitalism is the term given to the movement taking hold that “promises to save the world by revolutionizing philanthropy, making non-profit organizations operate like business, and creating new markets for goods and services that benefit society.” This neo-liberal brand of philanthropy distinguishes itself from charity and progressive philanthropy by insisting not only on market-based results, but on business-based procedures for grant giving. Philanthro-capitalists seek business efficiencies and a financial “bottom line” from their “investments” and concentrate on making global markets work better. A logical extension of current of neo-liberal hegemony, philanthro-capitalism sees unregulated markets not only as engines for creating wealth, but as the ultimate drivers of social change. In this view, governments are too bureaucratic and corrupt, and social movements too unruly and inefficient. Only the market can save us from… well, the market.” (read the whole article here).


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