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Innovation – 99% perspiration! by ifyouonlyreadonethingthisweek
February 15, 2008, 5:28 pm
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This article in the New York Times business section starts out by saying, “as humans, we want to believe that creativity and innovation come in flashes of pure brilliance, with great thunderclaps and echoing ahas”. It then goes on to tell us that this is one of the greatest myths ever – and that in most cases, the things that we think of as great innovations, have been developed and rolled out gradually over time. The writer talks to people currently considered as innovators who have brought into existence some well-known modern-day inventions who also emphasize this point. It is food-for-thought for those of us in organizations where there is a constant drive to be cutting-edge and where we sometimes feel as though we are expected to have at least a couple of new innovative ideas each morning before breakfast!


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yeh, i truly believe that self confidence and the way you think make you creative. cereativity is not that is what u can buy it is deep within you need to amek it come out with your efforts and deep positive thinking. innovations and inventions are the outputs of deep down inculcated creativity the only difference that how you explore it and make things work differently.

Comment by ajaz

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