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Is Work Life Balance a Myth? by ifyouonlyreadonethingthisweek
December 14, 2007, 7:01 pm
Filed under: If you only have 15 mins

As we get further embedded into December, which for many countries holds holidays in it, and for those in the northern hemisphere, the idea of hibernation – I have been pondering work-life balance once more and how to achieve it. In this quest to get better at it, I googled some solutions and came up with a couple of interesting different angles:1. First off a set of (in my opinion)  five ways to get back in control of the balance from WebMD (a health website). I liked the fact that they also have a link to a quick test to help you understand whether you have the balance right at the moment. Although some of the tips may be easier or harder depending on a) where you are working and b) what your current job is – it gives useful food for thought.2. A more challenging article from Fast Company Magazine which claims that work-life balance is a myth in today’s globalized world, and that we are making ourselves unhappy by believing the ‘story’ that we can have it all. The first couple of pages of this article felt depressing – however the author turns it round at the end by encouraging us to see our lives as chapters and that at different times we will want the balance to be different. ” “Those who succeed… are the people who learn to dance with change, who create and ride the wave”. It is worth looking to the end of the article for some recommendations on how to move forward.


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