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Powering down for the future by ifyouonlyreadonethingthisweek

Jerry Mander of the International Forum on Globalization is the editor of the new Manifesto on Global Economic Transitions, subtitled ‘Powering down for the future – towards a global movement for systemic change, economics of ecological sustainability, equity, sufficiency and peace’. This 30 page document distills much of the thinking from the IFG on the three core threats to development and sustainability:

1. Catastrophic Climate Chaos

2. The end of the era of cheap energy – peak oil and gas

3. Global resource depletion – Fresh water, forests, oceans, soil and wildlife extinctions.

IFG’s thesis is that the solution to each of these threats is the same: technological ‘solutions’ to these problems are not working – we must live within our ecological means, and we must re-localize, and return local democratic control to economic systems.

If you can’t get enough, check out “Alternatives to Economic Globalization – A Better World is Possible” where you can download the ‘what you can do’ section of the book free.


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