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Two fun and useful mapping web sites by ifyouonlyreadonethingthisweek
April 30, 2007, 4:01 pm
Filed under: If you have 30 mins, Web sites

World Mapper (here) offers pre-made maps of the world by just about as many different ways as you can imagine, by international food aid, political demonstrations, fast food consumption, you name it, they have a map for it!

On the other hand, Google’s latest offering (Google Maps – click here and go to My Maps) is a simple way to make basic interactive maps using the mapping software that is the basis for Google Maps and Google Earth. The point and click interface does not need you to understand anything about how Geographical Information Systems work, and while it lacks the powerful features of real GIS software, it’s ease of use makes it a good place to start for people exploring the area. You can host your maps on the web, or make files that can be used in the Google Earth software.

This is an example map showing the locations of Mercy Corps interns in 2006 – the red ones are the ones are the three that Mercy Corps hired after their internships. To see an interactive version of this map with information about each of the interns, click here. Click on any of the pins in the map to see some information about the intern.
Mercy Corps 2006 interns


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