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Good Enough – An NGO guide to accountability by ifyouonlyreadonethingthisweek
April 13, 2007, 1:02 am
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A consortium of NGOs have recently published a guide to NGO accountability which looks to provide minimum standards for NGO accountability towards impact measurement and our beneficiaries. This was funded through the Emergency Capacity Building project funded by Gates. It is an easy to read guide and could very easily form the basis for orientation with field teams. It is nice to see a guide that focuses on accountability towards the people we are trying to help rather than our donors. It is also accessible to non native English speakers which makes a refreshing change. It sets a nice tone and the tools at the back are really useful. I particularly like the recommendations on setting up mechanisms for feedback from our communities and there is some good additional resource material. Maybe there are some overly idealistic ideas in there and unfortunately the book doesn’t talk about the conflict of interest that may arise between accountability to donors and beneficiaries. The book is free to download from Oxfam’s website – they ask you to fill out a couple of questions as they want to track how the guide is being used.


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Hey — thanks for posting this. I’m really proud of the colleagues that worked so hard to make this a useful tool, and I think that it really is.

Hope all is well — you’ve been AWOL for a bit.

Comment by Maureen

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